Performance Paragliding – Efficiency in Cross Country and Competition Flying

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Maxime’s books, « Performance Paragliding » give a full analysis of how to improve your performance from preparation to looking at flying from a physical, technical, mental attitude, tactical and logistical angle. For cross-country or competition pilots, you will find many answers and new questions to ask yourself in these excellent books for those keen to progress.

The original book has been divided into two volumes for this edition. The first volume « Preparation » is devoted to training and starts with the introduction, while this second one « Efficiency » addresses performance in terms of execution and achieving goals and ends with the conclusion.

August 2021 update: The general idea of this reference book is that the reader can pick his themes of interest in the table of content, with no obligation to read from page 1 until the last in one straight and possibly tedious task. The order of the paragraphs in each chapter has been slightly rearranged in order to allow progressively diving into the various topics. Three levels of pilots experience have been introduced: intermediate, advanced and expert. Depending on your own profile, should you wish to concentrate on your currently achievable targets, you can follow directions found in tables with a double outline such as: “Intermediate pilots: jump to…” or “Advanced pilots: jump to…”, not omitting “Expert pilots: continue reading”!

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